More and more Dutch churches lay empty

Empty church (Photo: Joe Mabel/Wikimedia Commons)Empty church (Photo: Joe Mabel/Wikimedia Commons)

An increasing number of the Netherlands' churches are standing empty on worship days, which means that they may need to be re-purposed or demolished. This trend can be seen in all denominations, broadcaster BNR reports.

"Every week two churches and a monastery close", Lilian Grootzwagers of the Task Force Future Church Buildings said to the broadcaster, adding that something needs to be done and quickly. "If we do not act now, we will lose churches that need not be lost."

Guus Lageraert, secretary of the Saint Andrew Parish in Vlaanderen, Zeeland, agrees that something needs to be done. He thinks that the churches themselves should do everything the can to save the buildings at least, even if that means selling them and turning them into a concert hall or casino.