Rijksmuseum draws 2.4 million visitors, incl. 325,000 kids

The Rijksmuseum welcomed more than 2 million visitors for the third year in a row. This year a total of 2,350,000 people visited the museum in Amsterdam, the museum announced on Monday. 53 percent of the visitors were Dutch.

A total of 325 thousand of the museum's visitors in 2015 were kids, more than 128 thousand of which visited in connection with their schools. That is an increase of 26 percent compared to 2014. Since the museum reopened in 2013, almost a million kids visited the Rijksmuseum.

"The Rijksmuseum was a more than busy museum in 2015. The number of children, schools and visitors who participated in courses, workshops and self-drawings convincingly shows that the Rijksmuseum is also a source of creativity." director Wim Pijbes said.

This year the museum organized 500 workshops, 50 courses and 30 lectures. It also launched a successful campaign in which it gave more than 50 thousand visitors an free pencil and sketch book so that they can sketch the artworks in the museum, instead of taking a picture.