Biological, chemical weapon attack unlikely says counterterrorism unit

It is unlikely that terrorist will use chemical or biological weapons to commit attacks in Europe, according to the National Coordinator for Counterterrorism and Security, the Telegraaf reports.

Last week the European Parliament released a document in which it instructs all Member States to take measures against unconventional ISIS terrorism plans, such as attacks with warfare agents and bio-weapons. Despite this report, there is currently no reason for the Dutch government to take extra measures.

"Of course chemical and biological weapons could be used by attackers, but there is no logical reason to prefer them as other, conventional weapons area more readily available and deploy-able. The history of attacks in the West also shows that", the counterterrorism unit said to the newspaper. "It is true that unconventional methods can not be ruled out, but there are currently no indications that such attacks are being prepared for Europe. We remain alert."