Wilders denounced over "Turkey, you are not welcome here" video

rutte and wilders
Mark Rutte and Geert Wilders (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Russavia). (Mark Rutte and Geert Wilders (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Russavia))

"Turkey stay away from us, you are not welcome here", PVV leader Geert Wilders said in a video message to the Turkish nation on Friday, adding that Turkey can "forget about" joining the European Union. 

Prime Minister Mark Rutte does not have a good word to say about Wilders' latest statements, calling it "really totally inappropriate", news wire ANP reports. According to the Prime Minister, Wilders of course has freedom of speech, but that he is now holding an entire country and an entire population in contempt "in an incredible way". He added that Wilders is not contributing to a solution.

Two versions of the video were posted on YouTube on Friday, one in English and one in Dutch, both with Turkish subtitles.

According to Wilders, the Turkish government is "fooling" its people into believing that they will one day become part of the European Union. "Well forget it. You are no Europeans and you will never be", the anti-Islam party leader said in the video. He believes that an "Islamic state like Turkey does not belong to Europe" and repeated his call for "not more, but less Islam".

Wilders also stated that European nations who vote for allowing Turkey into the EU, will "be voted out of the office by the people".