Victim of 1953 hospital baby switch feels “humiliated”

Amphia Hospital (Photo: G. Lanting/Wikimedia Commons)Amphia Hospital (Photo: G. Lanting/Wikimedia Commons)

Jan Koevoets feels humiliated by the way the Amphia Hosipital, formerly the St Ignatius hospital, in Breda treated him after it was discovered that he was switched with another baby, Martino Kerremans, in 1953. It took a long time for the hospital to respond to his demand for compensation, and when they did he was only offered a weekend away worth 500 euros, he told on RTL Late Nite on Thursday.

"They found it very bad. To make a bit of amends I got a weekend away worth 500 euros. I was very humiliated", Koevoets said.

The baby switch was discovered by the other victim, Martino Kerremans, two years ago. DNA tests between both families confirmed the mistake. Koevoets did not think much of the news when he first heard, he said on the show. "But as the months passed, it became increasingly difficult." He was recognized on the street and people started hailing him as Martino. The revelation turned his whole life upside down. He wishes he never found out. "I wish I could turn back time, but unfortunately it does not work like that."

The hospital recently contacted Koevoets' lawyers and asked if a previous offer of 12,500 euros in compensation is still on the table. Koevoets is no longer satisfied with that offer.