Hospital prepared to compensate victims of 1953 baby switch

Amphia Hospital (Photo: G. Lanting/Wikimedia Commons)Amphia Hospital (Photo: G. Lanting/Wikimedia Commons)

The Amphia Hospital in Breda is prepared to pay compensation to Jan Koevoets, who was swapped with another baby at birth in the hospital in 1953.

The hospital, which was the Ignatius hospital when the switch happened - asked the law firm representing Koevoets if the offer they made in August - 10 thousand euros in damages plus 2,500 euros in lawyer fees - is still valid, AD reports.

Koevoets himself thinks the offer is off the table. "I made that proposal and never heard a thing about it" he said to the newspaper. "And now that my case got publicity, the hospital suddenly wants to talk. Now I don't want to anymore."

Koevoets is now claiming 100 thousand euros in compensation.