Google, The Next Web partner on Amsterdam center technology campus

The Amsterdam building that will soon house The Next Web's technology hub X (Photo: The Next Web). (The Amsterdam building that will soon house The Next Web's technology hub X (Photo: The Next Web))

The Next Web and Google are working together to launch a technology campus in the heart or Amsterdam which will house a "curated community" of fast-growing technology startups, The Next Web announced on Wednesday. This technology hub is set to open in the spring of 2016.

According to TNW, the technology campus, called X, was inspired by the Google campus in London. It will focus on stimulating and bringing together the technology community in Amsterdam. "X is a combination of a carefully curated selection of startups, innovative corporate partners, and open public spaces to work and network", the company writes in its press release.

The building which will house X is known to most Amsterdam residents as the "Muntstaete", located between Reguliersdwarsstraat and the Singel in Amsterdam center. The building is over 6 thousand square meters big. The space is divided into areas where people can work together, private offices, innovation labs, refreshment areas and events spaces. The top floor will be open to the public. X will house 120 innovative startups, 500 workstations and 1 thousand daily visitors, ranging from investors to entrepreneurs, mentors and advisers.

In addition to Google, The Next Web is also working with a number of other companies on this project, including, ABN Amro and KPMG.

"Amsterdam is an increasingly prominent city in Europe for innovation and entrepreneurship. Every year we rise further in the rankings as a breeding ground for talent and an ideal place for startups and scale-ups." said Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten, CEO of TNW. "We would be happy to contribute to this development by focusing on one aspect which is essential to be number one in Europe as a city. And that is our community. We we want to spread the atmosphere we managed to create during our conferences to a location that offers space to meet and work together 365 days a year."