Children swapped at birth in 1953 sue hospital

In 1953 Jan Koevoets was swapped at birth with another baby, Martino Kerremans, in the Ignatius Hospital, which later became Amphia, in Breda. Koevoets is now suing Amphia for compensation. His lawyers think that 100 thousand euros should cover the damages, BN De Stem reports.

The baby swap was revealed two years ago after Kerremans realized that his parents weren't really his parents. A DNA test proved the swap. The two men's lives were turned upside down.

"They are so negative Amphia. They never really made excuses. They said the statute of limitations expired and offered me a weekend away worth 500 euros, because they didn't call me when it was discovered. So humiliating", Koevoets said to the newspaper on why he is suing the hospital.

Koevoets' lawyers, Robert de Pater and Katrien Beorjan, want the hospital to admit that they are still liable for the swap. They feel that the case has such extraordinary circumstances, that the usual limitation period should not apply.

Judith Jansen, spokesperson for Amphia Hospital told the newspaper that they are still negotiating with Koevoets and therefore cannot comment. "In fact it is expired, but of course we understand very well that this is very far-reaching", she said, adding that the hospital does want to do something for Koevoets, but they are still negotiating.