Dutch MP majority demand gradual end to coal power

Zwolle IJsselcentrale
Zwolle IJsselcentrale, a coal-powered electricity plant. April 2006OnderwijsgekWikimedia CommonsCC-BY-SA

A majority in the Tweede Kamer, lower house of parliament, wants the cabinet to gradually close all he coal power plants in the Netherlands.

This proposal was brought by the D66. GroenLinks, SP, ChristenUnie, Partij voor de Dieren, 50Plus, Kuzu/Ozturk, Klein and ruling party PvdA all voted in favor, NOS reports. Other ruling party VVD voted against. According to the party, it would be too expensive and would put the power supply guarantee in danger.

There are currently 11 operating power plants in the Netherlands, five of which are from the 80's and will be closed down soon in any case. The proposal does not set a time limit on the government, according to NU. The Kamer only calls on the cabinet to start phasing out coal-fired power plant and draw up a plan for the sector to do so. The parliamentarians want this plan by 2016.

Earlier this week the PvdA already called for coal plants to be closed in a legislative proposal drawn up in cooperation with GroenLinks. The call also sounded from 64 scientists in a letter to parliament.