Baby formula fraudulent labeling case nets fourth arrest

Baby formula (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Симилак). (Baby formula (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Симилак))

A fourth suspect was arrested in the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority's investigation into fraudulent baby formula labels. The other three suspects, arrested on November 10th, will remain in custody for another 30 days.

According to the Authority, these suspects, all from Zuid Holland, forged and stuck labels on cans of ordinary baby formula to make it seem that they were suitable for babies with, for example a cows milk allergy. A child with an allergy could become seriously ill if drinking formula with a forged label.

The Authority, led by the Public Prosecutor, investigated this fraud extensively. During several searches, administration and digital material were seized.

The investigation showed that these fraudsters were focused on traders who transport formula to China and the cans with the fake labels were never sold in regular outlet stores or online. All cans of formula with false labels have been tracked down and they are no longer in circulation.

The Authority received no reports of kids becoming ill because of this crime.

Earlier this year the police arrested two people in a similar case.