Rapper tells court anti-Semitic, anti-gay lyrics were neither

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Rapper Ismo appeared in the court in Breda on Tuesday to answer for anti-Semitic and anti-gay lyrics in his song "Eenmans." In court the rapper stated that the lyrics were not aimed at Jewish people or gay people.

The lyrics in question are "flikkers geef ik geen hand", roughly translates to "I won't shake hands with fags," and "ik haat die joden nog meer dan de nazis", roughly translates to "I hate those Jews even more than the Nazis".

Ismo told the court that with the word "Jews" he was referring to Zionists, and the word was changed to Zionists in the second version of the song, according to freelance correspondent Joris van Duin tweeting from within the courtroom.

And with flikkers "I meant people who screw you over behind your back", the rapper said. His lawyer clarified the statement by explaining: "Flikker has two meanings: homosexuals and people who scam you. Here, the client meant the latter", the lawyer said.

Ismo's lawyer asked that her client be acquitted of all charges. According to her, the statements fall under freedom of speech. "The language must be read in context. Context removes the insulting nature", the lawyer said.

The Public Prosecutor demanded a fine of 1,500 euros against the rapper, 500 of which conditionally suspended. "Artistic freedom is a right, although there are limitation. The line of artistic freedom was crossed here", the prosecutor said.