Johan Cruijff slams the door on Ajax

Johan Cruijff has resigned from his position as adviser for the Amsterdam football club Ajax, due to a lack of confidence in the club's directors and a feeling that he is being thwarted in the execution of his plan.

Cruijff made this announcement in his column in the Telegraaf on Monday under the headline "I quit". "For years I've noticed that the core of my vision is not executed in Ajax", Cruijff wrote. "Added to that is the increasing feeling that this is happening deliberately. And I do not play games."

The former football legend is also removing his name from the Plan Cruijff, aimed to fix the problems in the club. Cruijff hopes that "a possibility is found so that Ajax can again become Ajax". For example, by buying up all the Ajax shares.

In his column, Cruijff criticized most of the Ajax directors. According to him, the new general director Dolf Collee has done nothing about the problems in the club. He calls chairman Hennie Henrichs "the worst of all" because he "dropped five club icons to cover the supervisory board. Such a mentality does not fit with our club." Cruijff thinks that recently departed chairman Hans Wijers failed, and his successor Leo van Wijk won't do better. "In him too I am disappointed", Cruijff wrote.


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