Middle Ages church to splash public urinators with their own pee

Public Urination (Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Gerbil)Public Urination (Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Gerbil)

Meppel has treated the tower of the city's Middle Ages church with a special coating that does not absorb liquids, but instead splashes it away. This is done in an effort to combat public urinators. "This coating, Peeback Mineral, is completely water based and works in a way that ensures that public urinators are left with wet trousers and wet shoes", Eduard Annen of council party Sterk Meppel explained to the Meppeler Courant.

This is still only a trial to test whether the coating is effective, broadcaster NOS reports. One liter of this coating costs about 30 euros and coating a church like the one in Meppel will cost between a thousand and 5 thousand euros, depending on how porous the walls are and how much paint is needed.

According to Orange Nano, the company who offers this special coating, it took about 18 months to develop PeeBack. It contains silicon dioxide, which is what makes liquid bounce back instead of being absorbed. The company told NOS that several municipalities and major league football clubs have shown interest in this special paint.