Maxima headed to Turkey, Bangladesh after kidney illness recovery

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Queen Maxima is bouncing back from her kidney infection with a bang. In the coming week the Queen is attending a conference in Amsterdam, a forum in Turkey and paying a state visit to Bangladesh, all in her capacity as special advocate for the Secretary-General of the United Nations for inclusive financing for development, the Royal House announced.

Today the queen is attending the opening of the Doing Business in Fragile States conference in Amsterdam.  The conference pays attention to the role of entrepreneurship in crisis and fragile states.

On Sunday Queen Maxima will give a speech at the launch of the SME Finance Forum in Antalya, Turkey. The Queen and Turkey's Deputy Prime Minister of Economic and Financial Affairs Cevdet Yilmaz are hosting the meeting together. The aim of this forum is to promote the development of small and medium sized enterprises, as was agreed at the G20 summit in Mexico in 2012.

Then the Queen will be heading to Bangladesh from Monday to Wednesday next week for a state visit, invited by the Bangladeshi government. There she will talk to various organizations and business about reaching their sustainable development goals, such as good access to financial services as an important tool to reduce poverty, stimulation of economic development and improving the relationship of women.