MP Oztürk: Wilders looking more and more like Hitler

Selcuk Ozturk (Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Partij van de Arbeid)Selcuk Ozturk (Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Partij van de Arbeid)

Parliamentarian Selcuk Ozturk thinks that PVV Geerd Wilders is becoming more and more like Adolf Hitler. Ozturk is annoyed about Wilders' tweet that Turkish-Dutch who voted for the AK party in the Turkish elections should leave the country.

"My critique is that he is going farther with his radicalization everyday", Ozturk said to RTL Nieuws. "Now he's busy sending Turkish-Dutch out of the country. Before that he called for fewer, fewer Moroccans. Before that he said that the Antilleans had to leave. He goes further every day. He's on his way to becoming Hitler."

After Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan's AK party won the Turkish elections on  Sunday, Wilders tweeted: "Turks in the Netherlands who voted for party dictator Erdogan: leave for Turkey and enjoy Islamic-fascism"

Ozturk reiterated these thoughts in a letter to the Tweede Kamer, lower house of parliament, 1Limburg reports. He believes that Wilders' statements about Turkish, Moroccan and Antillean-Dutch are harmful to the economy, diplomacy and politics. He is making this call, on behalf of his party DENK, because other parties are not responding.

Over the past years Wilders, arguably the most controversial politician in the Netherlands, has antagonized many communities in the Netherlands. He is currently focused on closing the borders to refugees, using terms like "Islamic invasion" and "Islamic tsunami" and saying that the Netherlands is turning into one big asylum center. Last year he called for the Koran to be removed from the Tweede Kamer President Anouchka van Miltenburg’s desk, calling it  a “declaration of war” and a “license to kill”.