Amsterdam, Hague, Rotterdam highway could see speed limit increase to 130 km/h

Earlier this week coalition party gave indications that it wants to end the changing speed limits on the A2. The proposition will also be applicable to the A4, where the speed limit is being pushed to 130 kilometers per hour. 

Minister Melanie Schultz of Infrastructure and the Environment said this to the Telegraaf. Associate PvdA has expressed its willingness to remove barriers of noise regulations and safety.

Minister Schultz said that the public cannot expect an immediate limit increase, as analysis of which intervention to change the limits would be necessary. This will just be the beginning of speed changes she said.

The VVD wants motorists to be putting their foot down to the floor as soon as possible, but no later than mid-2016.

The PvdA is reported to want to wait until the early next week to discuss the changes. In exchange for their cooperation, the PvdA wants more space created for things like bicycles paths.