Poisonous candy from Zwarte Piet a hoax

Candy (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/St0rmz). (Candy (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/St0rmz))

Police have confirmed that the poisonous Zwarte Piet candy being handed out is in fact a hoax. The story was spread on social media with a picture that seems to be of the police website. This photo was manipulated to look like the police site's home screen, according to the police.

According to the hoax, it received over 250 reports of young people dressed as Zwarte Piet handing out the Dutch treat pepernoten. It states that the candy is meant to poison children and comes with the advice not to accept anything from Zwarte Piet.

The hoax seems to have been initiated by the Zwarte Piet debate.

It is still unclear who spread the false report and the police are investigating. The police advice to always check the police website for statements, if it is not there it is not true.