Google Netherlands launches entrepreneur training seminar

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Google Netherlands will be introducing a campaign that is aimed at teaching entrepreneurs digital skills and how to do better business online. The aim for this campaign is to help them with the ultimate achievement of growing their businesses. The Digital Workshop will use a practical, accessible, and free handle for Dutch self-employed and small business owners, Emerce reports.

Constraints, such as lack of technical knowledge, or lack of knowledge regarding technology, currently form a hindrance to possible business growth. With 42 percent of the Dutch labor market composed of the self-employed and SME’s, this sector has high growth potential.

The Digital Workshop campaign will be working in conjunction with money lender Qredits, several Dutch municipalities, as well as thousands of SME’s and self-employed until the end of 2016. Every city in the Netherlands will be hosting these workshop sessions, and dates and locations can be found on the Digital Workshop website and those of the municipalities involved.

Sessions include: Necessary small business digital skills, optimal building and management of a website, and customer attraction strategies using the internet.

Entrepreneurs can register through the aforementioned websites.