Tesla "irresponsible" on self-driving cars says traffic assoc.

Tesla Model S (Photo: Wikimedia Commons/raneko). (Tesla Model S (Photo: Wikimedia Commons/raneko))

Traffic association Veilig Verkeer Nederland thinks that allowing the new self-driving software for the Tesla Model S on Dutch roads is irresponsible. Some 2 thousand Dutch owners will be receiving the software this week.

"This is something you should only allow if it is one hundred percent safe." a spokesperson said to the Telegraaf. "You can say that people should keep their hands on the wheel, but owners will not be able to resist the temptation. Therefore we find it irresponsible."

Tesla has always clearly stated that this new self-steering software is only intended for additional safety on highways and that people should always keep their hands on the wheel. Tesla CEO Elon Musk reiterated this sentiment during the launch of the software a week and a half ago: "Always keep your hands on the wheel, because this software is very new" On questions about why Tesla has released the software so early, the manufacturer responded that it is not responsible for misuse.