Report: Corrupt cop kept login after losing security clearance

new police uniform 1
New Dutch police uniforms feature a broad yellow stripe (photo: Politie)New Dutch police uniforms feature a broad yellow stripe (photo: Politie)

Mark M., the police officer accused of leaking information on ongoing criminal cases to criminals, had access to sensitive police information, even after he failed the AIVD screening. The police had forgotten to retract his log-in authorization.

Sources close to the investigation against this 28 year old man confirmed this to broadcaster NOS. According to these sources, M. had a position of trust before the general intelligence and security service screened him. This is technically against the rules, but was not uncommon in the former national investigative service.

M. was immediately removed from his position after the AIVD denied him security clearance, but his log-in details were not revoked. This means that he could still access confidential data and request information on ongoing investigations from the police's information desk. Something he regularly did before his arrest.

Which criminal cases were involved and how much damage was done, has not been revealed as of yet. The management of the National Police expect a report on the matter next week.  The investigation into this man's actions is led by the Public Prosecutor.