Johan Cruijff grateful for “heartwarming” reaction to lung cancer diagnosis

Football legend Johan Cruijff is touched by the way the media responded to the news of his lung cancer diagnosis. He calls the response "emotional and heartwarming".

The 68 year old former football star said this in his column in newspaper De Telegraaf.

"That does not mean I'm happy about what happened to me", he continues. "But if you imagine away my current situation, what has happened is all very special. Such as the actions of the fans and clubs to not only applaud me, but all cancer patients."

Cruijff continues that he is annoyed that the news about his illness came out on Thursday already. "It's really annoying that it leaked so quickly, because the only thing I know is that I have lung cancer. Nothing more." he writes. "The examination is still ongoing. So I know the name, not the surname."