Blindfolded hypnotist Rasti Rostelli accidentally shoots student with arrow

Rasti Rostelli (Photo: Twitter/@HANnl). (Rasti Rostelli (Photo: Twitter/@HANnl))

Famous Dutch hypnotist Rasti Rostelli was seriously let down by his supernatural powers at a crucial moment in Nijmegen on Wednesday. During a performance at the HAN University of Applied Sciences, a trick in which he shoots a crossbow at a target while blindfolded went wrong and the arrow hit a student in the chin.

Rostelli was invited to the University for a "body and mind" workshop for second year Creative Therapy students, AD reports. 125 students watched their fellow-student being shot in the face with an arrow.

The victim was not seriously injured. "There was a small injury that was treated with a plaster", institute directer Wouter van der Leeuw said to the newspaper.  But the rest of the workshop was cancelled. Rostelli waited to hear how the boy was doing and then left. "He did say that he did not know how it could have gone wrong. Usually it always goes well, he also said"

Van der Leeuw continued that they did not know Rostelli's show would include him firing a crossbow blindfolded. He was hired for an hour long hypnosis show, after which the students and lecturers would have discussed how hypnosis worked and the pros and cons of such treatment.