Mom: Bullied teen suffering from concussion; Abusers expelled

A 13-year-old girl from Vakcollege in Helmond is still at home after bullies gave her a concussion, bruises on her neck, and bruised ribs. This girl's story hit the news after a video of the bullying incident was passed around Facebook and WhatsApp. The two abusers in the video have been expelled.

Melissa van Schaik and her mother, Jacqueline van Halen, appeared on the current affairs program, Pauw, on Wednesday night to prompt others that are being bullied to step forward. Van Halen pointed out to the TV program that her daughter was not the only one. According to Melissa there were between six and eight girls in the brawl that had accused her of something she claims not to have done.

Principal of the school, Hans Schapenk, told Oproep Barant that the school always protects the victim, and this case affects the entire school. Principal Schapenk met with Melissa’s mother on Tuesday and arrangements have been made for her to return to school. Her class is said to be ready for this.

The two 14-year-old girls in the video have been detained for mistreatment and expelled from the school. The video producer is also being questioned.