Dixons, Mycom to stay open during bankruptcy

A Dixons location in Emmen, Drenthe. Sept. 3, 2007 (photo: CrazyPhunk / Wikimedia)A Dixons location in Emmen, Drenthe. Sept. 3, 2007 (photo: CrazyPhunk / Wikimedia)

The parent company of retailers Dixons, MyCom and iCentre were declared bankrupt on Tuesday, with the administrator wanting to halt any further accumulation of debt. Together, the parent firm of the retailers employs 1,200 people in the Netherlands, including 650 at Dixons, 350 at MyCom and 190 at iCentre.

Dixons alone accounts for 88 of the store locations that BAS Group operates. There are 47 MyCom storefronts, and 24 for iCentre. It is a portion of BAS Group that went bankrupt.

For now, the stores will remain open, Z24 reported as the administrator believes a reorganization and re-launch is possible. "You can contribute to this by continuing to perform your duties," he wrote in a letter to BAS staffers.

Customers who have put down a deposit on an undelivered purchase will have to contact the store and the administrator, who will likely list them as one of the firm's creditors. Consumers are not likely to get any money repaid until more significant creditors are paid off first, Z24 stated.

However, the bankruptcy does not cancel a sale, and if a store delivers a product ordered by a customer, the customer will have to complete payment. It is not advised to make a duplicate purchase at another retailer just because of the bankruptcy.

Goods that were brought in for repair should be returned, but new warranty claims may have to be filed either with the administrator or the original manufacturer.

iCentre previously fell into bankruptcy in 2013, which led to the closure of 10 of its 34 stores.

BAS Group also owns MP, a computer builder, IT accessories and parts firm ICIDU, insurance company HFS, and IDLAB, an internet innovation business.