Psychiatric prisoner on leave accused of murder

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A 20-year-old man held in last week in Tilburg was on leave from a psychiatric institution when the crime took place, an unnamed source at the Justice Ministry reportedly told the Telegraaf. Mick Pitai, 48, was gunned down in his home on September 15 during what could have been a drug-related robbery.

The accused was detained on suspicion of murder after returning from his work release more than 12 hours late. He was arrested in his cell the day after the crime.

Although the man was in the last phase of his sentence, he was considered extremely dangerous, the newspaper said. He was an inmate at De Hartelborgt juvenile penitentiary for a series of violent crimes including robbery and incidents with firearms, before he was sent to a youth psychiatric facility.

Authorities reportedly thought the young man was ready to gradually re-enter society.