U2’s Bono working with documentary on Dutch pop artist Herman Brood

U2 frontman Bono has signed on to assist with the production of a new documentary on Dutch pop artist Herman Brood. The film's director, 26-year-old Dennis Alink, is ecstatic to work with the musician, according to ANP.“From the outset of this project I have always left one place open,” the director told the newswire. ”I am a huge fan of Brood and I have listened to U2 my whole life. This is all coming together quite nicely,” he added.

U2  earlier this month with in Amsterdam.

Bono is a known fan of Brood, the rock ‘n roll artist who killed himself in 2001. Bono appreciated Broods’ poetry and his visual art, ANP said.

This documentary is expected in cinemas all around the Netherlands next spring.