Police: Huizen murder not a gangland assassination

The police have identified the on Wednesday as a 59 year old man from Huizen. According to the police, so far the investigation has not revealed any indications that this murder is related to the series of gang related assassinations of past few years.

A burning car was found on Barcham Wuytierslaan in Amsesfoord around 9:00 p.m. on Wednesday, about two and a half hours after the murder. The police have not found any link between this car and the shooting.

Witnesses saw a man dressed in black clothing drive away from the scene on a motorcycle. The police are investigating whether this man is connected to the shooting.

According to the Telegraaf, the victim was 59 year old Ronald Bakker who worked as an office manager in a spy shop in Nieuwegein. This company, Sitcon BV, also has stores in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Endhoven and Maaseik.

Spy shops are are rather controversial form of business, as they regulary sell wiretaps, GPS, transmitters and encryption phones to criminals, according to the newspaper. An employee of the store Bakker worked at would not comment on his death.