Concern rising for abandoned baby’s mother

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The police are urgently looking for the mother of the baby that was abandoned in The Hague just after midnight on Tuesday. They are very concerned about the mother's medical and emotional well being. A spokesperson for the police said this in Opsporing Verzocht on Tuesday. "We are very concerned about the mother", the spokesperson said. "If you look at how the child was left behind: with a pacifier and a hat on. It looks like real care was taken, therefore it must have been a huge emotional step to do this. So we hope that she herself contact us or that the people around her want to do so, so that we an make sure she is offered the help she needs." The baby was discovered around 00:30 a.m. on Tuesday in the garden of an elderly couple on Larensestraat in the Hague district Rustenburg. The baby girl was wearing several layers of colorful clothing, a hat and a pacifier. She is healthy and has been handed over to child protection. The police would like to speak with anyone who may have noticed something to do with the foundling in the area around midnight. A note was found with the baby, but it did not contain enough information to find the parents. The police are urgently calling on the baby girl's parents to contact them.