Toxic paint fears crop up on Dutch trains

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NS has been using paint containing the carcinogenic substance chromium 6 on many trains for about 20 years. Concerned employees are turning to trade union FNV Spoor for help.

The carcinogenic substance can enter the body through the lungs or pores on the skin. Until recently the employees of Nedtrain, the maintenance branch of NS, were exposed to large quantities of chromium 6 while sanding old paint off the trains, the Telegraaf reports.

So far there have been no cases of illness, but the employees are concerned, according to FNV Spoor. The union has invited all employees of the Nedtrain workshop in Haarlem to come and talk about it.

Nedtrain has now taken steps to protect employees. Some work has been stopped as a precaution. The gloves and masks worn by employees have also been replaced by protective clothing.

Chromium 6 was also present in paint used by Defense for many years. Hundreds of employees have caused by the carcinogenic substance.