Murdered politician stabbed 41 times

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Now that Bart van U. has received his summons in the murder case of Els Borst, the Public Prosecutor has announced that the former politician was stabbed to death. She had 41 stab wounds on her body, including on her head, neck and hands, Van U.'s lawyer said to NOS.

According to the Public Prosecutor spokesperson Henric Rebel, there are two reasons why this information was only released now. The first is that the summons has been released, this means that the victims relatives, the suspect and his lawyer has already been informed. Secondly, it was also in the interest of the investigation not to make too much information public. "We wanted to confront the accused with what was found in the investigation." Therefore some information could not be released until now.

Borst was found murdered in the garage of her home in Bilthoven in February last year. Van U. only came into the picture as a suspect in January, almost a year later, after he was arrested for the murder of his sister Lois van U.

Van U. will appear in court for the first time in this case next week Tuesday. He already faced the court for the murder of his sister, during which he admitted that he stabbed her to death. So far as is known, he has not said anything about the murder of Els Borst.


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