Husband charged after woman found dead in suitcase

The police have had a breakthrough in the case surrounding the woman's body that was found in a suitcase in Maastricht on Friday. The victim has been identified and her husband - a 53 year old man from Aachen, Germany - was arrested on Tuesday night as prime suspect in her death.

Statements from witnesses and camera footage of the suitcase being dumped in the Maas on Tuesday night last week, led the police to Germany. Where a joint investigation between the Maastricht police and the Aachen police led to the suspect's arrest in Southern Germany on Tuesday night. The Aachen police also searched the suspect's home.

According to a statement released by the Public Prosecutor in Aachen, the man is being held on a manslaughter charge. The judiciary believes he killed the victim in their Aachen home. He then put the corpse in a big suitcase, took it to Maastricht and tossed it off the Servaasbrug and into the Maas river. Both the manner of death and the motive for the murder are as of yet undetermined, the spokesperson for the prosecutor said.

The suspect is in custody and will be questioned in the coming days.