Seal “healthy and eating fish” after canal rescue

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A Ringed Seal was discovered swimming in the Oudegracht canal in Utrecht on Thursday night. The lost seal was rescued out of the canal by the police and handed over to seal sanctuary A Seal in Stellendam. According to both the police and the sanctuary, the seal is doing very well.

"It goes very well with our seal! She is very fit, healthy and eating fish. What else could you ask for! Thanks to A Seal", community police officer Emile Vermeulen writes on Twitter. A passerby and his daughter spotted the seal swimming in the canal and called the police, according to broadcaster NOS. When the police arrived, the seal had swum to the side of the canal for a rest. She was captured there. Ringed seals usually swim around the Arctic Ocean and not so much in canals. But it does happen occasionally that a seal will get past the floodgates, according to Jaap van der Hiele at A Seal. "Here in the area we also have a seal that occasionally comes through the floodgates. A few days later he returns, and swims out again." Utrecht's Ringed seal's progress can be followed on A Seal's Facebook and Twitter accounts.