Public steps up to stop supermarket bomber

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The police have received 465 tips  and questions regarding the person planting explosives at Jumbo supermarkets since details regarding the case were released earlier this month. The case file on the police website has been visited nearly 100 thousand times.  No one has been arrested so far. "That we as police are not alone in the search for the perpetrator is enormously motivating", investigation leader Rob Vos said. According to him, information from the public adds a lot to the investigation. All the new information is prioritized based on the police investigation and combined with the information they already have. The detectives then work on the new information that seems the most promising and important. "That could give us a new puzzle piece every time and eventually we will have the complete puzzle", according to Vos. Explosives were found at Jumbo stores in Groningen and Zwolle in June. The perpetrator is demanding an amount in Bitcoins. The police believe that the perpetrator is a man between the ages of 20 and 40 years, likely living in Groningen. They also believe that he is an “intelligent” man with knowledge of explosives, electronics and computer systems. Detection program Opsporing Verzocht will spend time on this case next week. New information will be released during the broadcast.