Tree falls on Efteling theme park visitors, injuring three

Tree falls on boat in Efteling ride Gondoletta (Picture: Twitter/@Riekske2511)Tree falls on boat in Efteling ride Gondoletta (Picture: Twitter/@Riekske2511)

Three people were injured when a tree toppled onto a boat in the Gondoletta ride in the Efteling theme park early on Tuesday afternoon. One of the theme park visitors sustained a head injury, the second a broken leg and the third suffered only minor injuries.

According to Omroep Brabant, all three of the injured people were conscious and approachable. The two with the more serious injuries were taken to the hospital. The occupants on the other boats in the attraction were evacuated using a motorboat. One woman ended up in the water, but was quickly brought to safety.

The Gondoletta attraction - an about 20 minute ride consisting 40 boats sailing over the Siervijver in the middle of the Efteling theme park - has been closed and will remain closed until the cause of the accident has been discovered. Koen Sanders, a spokesperson for the theme park, told the broadcaster that the situation is under control. "We will investigate the incident so that this can not happen again in the future." It is expected that the investigation will take at least the rest of Tuesday.

Another visitor to the park, 22 year old Sashenka, was on another boat when the accident happened. "We were put in another boat and evacuated. Staff told us that a tree fell on a boat in the water", she said to Omroep Brabant. "Most people in the park were not affected. Only the people who were in the boats when the accident happened are still a bit upset."