Terror suspect Mohamed B. in court today

Suspected jihadist Mohamed B. will be hearing what punishment the Public Prosecutor demands against him in court on Tuesday, the Telegraaf reports. B. is suspected on preparing for a terrorist attack.

The 27 year old Moroccan-born B. was arrested in Amsterdam in October last year after a tip from the General Intelligence and Security Service, known by the acronym AIVD, that he wanted to attack police officers or soldiers. B. came to the AIVD's attention after he inquired about instructions on making a bomb on the internet. He also portrayed himself as a supporter of terrorist organization Islamic State in chats on Facebook. In one of these chats, he stated that he wanted to blow up the US embassy in The Hague.

Other evidence against B. includes a notebook and a letter to the Dutch government found during a search of his home in Amsterdam. The letter read: “This letter is from the followers of Islamic state to the Dutch Government. If you take part in the devilish coalition against the state, by Allah, then your days will be black. Oh Dutch people, we are the lions who swear by Allah: eye for eye, tooth for tooth, an oath of allegiance to IS”. The notebook contained instructions on how to make a bomb.

B.'s lawyer, André Seebregts, claims that these statements should not be taken seriously. According to him, B. talks about extremism to impress women. “He sees that the woman is wearing a niqab on the Facebook photo, he begins with somewhat pious words. Soon thereafter he makes clear that he is a brave mujaheddin, and then he tries to talk them out of their clothes and/or starts talking about sex.”, Seebregts said in April.