Dutch serial smuggler "Captain Coke" arrested in Brazil cocaine bust

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The 48 year old man from Heemskerk who was caught with a sailboat full of cocaine in Brazilian waters early this month, has a long history of smuggling. Raymond K., also known as Captain Coke, has been arrested at least 10 times before, his ex-girlfriend and former in-laws told the AD.

His most recent arrest happened earlier this month on Fernando de Noronha, a Brazilian island group in the Atlantic Ocean. Brazilian authorities found 11.5 kilograms of cocaine when they arrested him, and another 602 kilograms after searching the sailboat. The drugs were found hidden in a fuel tank and other places. This 613 kilogram coke bust beats Captain Coke's previous record in 2007, when he was arrested in France with 598 kilos of cocaine. According to K.'s former in-laws, he was previously involved in, among other things, weapons smuggling and changing the VIN numbers of stolen cars. "He even smuggled weapons through his child, then still small, by putting him on the weapons. The police do not look under the baby", one family member said to the newspaper. K. is currently in custody in Brazil. He is facing a prison sentence of between 15 and 20 years.