Dutch jihadist reportedly killed in Syria

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A Dutch jihadist fighting under the battle name Abu Muhammad al-Hollandi was killed in Aleppo Syria, according to several tweets from jihadist Twitter accounts. 


Abu Muhammad al-Hollandi, also known as Muhajiri Shaam, was a member of Jabhat al-Nusra, the Syrian branch of Al-Qaeda. According to news agency ANP, the Belgian jihadism investigator Pieter van Ostaeyen received confirmation of his death from another jihadist.

Muhajiri Shaam made headlines last year with a video in which he called on his “brothers in The Netherlands and Belgium” to take "firm action" against the Dutch government because of the support given to the US air strikes in Syria. This video resulted in the Ministry of Defense advising soldiers not to use public transport while in uniform. The jihadist was later identified as Abdelkarim el Atrach from Arnhem.

It is almost impossible to verify reports of jihadists' deaths in Syria and Iraq. This means it is also impossible to know whether they may still pose a threat. In January the Public Prosecutor started cooperating with Iraq to get the DNA of slain jihadists sent back to the Netherlands to verify their deaths. The Prosecutor suspects that jihadists may fake their own death to make returning to their own country easier.


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