Cold shower takes out serial "running masturbator"

The running masturbator that has been harassing women in IJmuiden for some time, has struck again. This time he got more than he bargained for when his intended victim sprayed him down with a garden hose. 

Liesbeth Visser was busy cleaning her windows when the man showed up. "I heard strange noises and thought: what the hell is this?" she said to RTV Noord-Holland. "He grabbed his penis and started jerking off." She didn't hesitate for a second. She grabbed her garden hose and squirted the masturbating man.

This had the desired effect as the man ran off. Elizabeth followed the perpetrator, but he was too fast and she lost him.

The police in IJmuiden have received eight reports of this man so far. Three women have pressed charges.

According to RTVNH, this is the first time the running masturbator has attacked in the center area of IJmuiden, previous reports came from the outlying areas Zeewijk and Duinwijk. On Wednesday he attacked a 17 year old girl, who punched him in the face and sent him running with a bloody nose.