Arrested duo tried to take cop’s gun, officer bitten

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A 34-year-old man and his teenaged girlfriend were arrested after the man tried to grab an officer’s handgun during a scuffle Thursday night, a police report stated.

Police say the man’s temper flared when law enforcement tried to arrest him for giving a false name while on the Noorderstraat in Sappemeer, Groningen. The suspect tried to flee the scene, and became heated when officers refused to let him leave, the report said.

He is accused of then throwing several punches, which split an officer’s lip, before attempting to grab at the officer’s weapon. As he was placed in handcuffs, his 19-year-old girlfriend then jumped in, scratching, kicking and punching officers, the report added.

Both suspects were detained for their acts of aggression and violence against law enforcement, police said.

Doctors treated one policeman for bite wounds following the incident.