Truck flies off Amsterdam A2 overpass

Truck flies of A2 overpass (Picture: Twitter/@nielstre)Truck flies of A2 overpass (Picture: Twitter/@nielstre)

An accident between a car and a truck on the Amstel junction near Amsterdam ended with the truck shooting through the guardrail and landing upside down after an about 10 meter fall, NOS reports. Both drivers were injured and taken to the hospital.

The accident happened in the bend between the A2 and the A10 in the direction of Diemen. Two lanes have been closed off and traffic is being temporarily redirected across the emergency lane. According to the traffic services, the accident did not cause much of  a delay due to the roads being less busy during the holiday season.

The driver of the car was wounded in the leg, the police told the broadcaster. The extent of the truck driver's injuries are unknown, but according to the police, he was able to get out of the truck himself.