Nurticia: Take baby formula off shelves

Baby formula (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Симилак)Baby formula (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Симилак)

Nutricia wants baby formula to only be sold from behind the service counters of stores and no longer be available on the shelves. This is another measure to try and stop the ever increasing theft of the baby milk powder.

The baby formula manufacturer said this to the Telegraaf after consultations with retailers. This method should ensure that Dutch consumers will always be able to get their hands on baby formula. At this stage most stores maintain a one can per customer policy, and some stores even have a minimum amount that a customer must spend before being allowed to purchase a can of baby formula.

Dutch baby formula is in high demand in China after the baby formula scandal in the country in 2008. Six babies died and more than 300 thousand became ill after drinking poisoned products. Many traders buy large quantities of the formula and then resell it at a high profit in China. Last week a passerby snapped a picture of an Asian man loading boxes and boxes of baby formula into his car at the back door of an Etos store in Etten-Leur.