Most Dutch think MH17 perps won’t be tried

The vast majority of Dutch people think that those responsible for the downing of flight MH17 will never be tried. 

This is according done by research firm MWM2 commissioned by BNR.

A massive 90 percent of respondents think establishing a United Nations tribunal is a good idea. But it seems that they don't really think it will be worth it, because 81 percent indicated that they don't think the perpetrators will ever be prosecuted.

60 percent indicated that they think the Cabinet is not doing enough to track down those responsible for the disaster and getting them before a judge.

A large majority - 70 percent - believe that the sanctions agains Russia should stay in place until the MH17 perpetrators are brought to justice.

The Netherlands is once again pushing for the MH17 tribunal to be established. The UN Security Councils would have voted on the tribunal last week, but the vote was postponed for unknown reasons.


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