Golden lion tamarin monkeys introduced at Apenheul

Golden lion tamarin monkeys (Picture: Apenheul). (Golden lion tamarin monkeys (Picture: Apenheul))

The Apenheul zoo in Apeldoorn has introduced two new golden lion tamarin monkeys to the zoo. Visitors can see the two new arrivals - a male and a female - at the end of the route through the zoo.

This is the first time that this rare pygmy monkeys is reintroduced in Apenheul since five golden lion monkeys were. They still have not been found. The zoo has taken extra security measures to prevent a similar theft happening again.

According to Apenheul, the two monkeys are doing well and can be seen roaming between visitors and exploring their encampment. They are housed with the black eared marmosets, tamarins and coppery tit's.

Golden lion monkeys are very rare and Apenheul plays and important role in the breeding of these monkeys. In the 80's and 90's the zoo participated in a successful program to reintroduce golden lion monkeys in the wild.