Croatian police arrest woman in 2012 Netherlands robbery

Burglar hand holding crowbar break opening door
Crime scene - criminal thief or burglar hand in gloves holding metal crowbar break opening home door lock

A 27 year old woman from Ede was arrested in Croatia, at the request of the Dutch police, on June 21st in connection with a burglary in De Wijk in 2012. She was arrested based on a DNA match.

The burglary happened on January 2nd, 2012. Two women broke into a home on Secretaris Ottermanweg in De Wijk. The resident discovered the women in his house and a struggle ensued. During the struggle, the resident managed to pull a few strands of hair from one of the women's head.

The women fled, leaving behind their loot and the few strands of hair. The Netherlands Forensic Institute studied the hair and found a DNA match with the 27 year old woman from Ede.

An international arrest warrant was issued and the woman was arrested at the border of Croatia on Sunday, June 27th. She was extradited to the Netherlands on July 10th and taken into custody in Assen. The woman was arraigned on Monday and released by the magistrate. She has to appear in court on a later date.