Man who threatened to blow up Utrecht flat wanted to commit suicide

The man who wanted to blow up his flat on Nigerdreef in Utrecht in April, wanted to commit suicide. The 43 year old man told the court in Tuesday that he did not want to harm anyone, NU reports.

The suspect is charged with attempted arson and attempting to cause an explosion in his home. He disconnected the gas hose from his stove, allowing gas to spread through the house, and held a lighter in his hand.

The man became depressed due to his personal circumstances. He wants to bring his wife and five year old son, whom he had never seen, to the Netherlands from Somalia, but can't afford it. He also lost his job. He had also been troubled by voices in his head. On the day before the incident, he was informed that he would be evicted from his flat because of rent arrears.

"I was depressed and desperate when I heard that", the man told the court. He decided to kill himself When the bailiff showed up at the man's door, he smelled a strong gas smell and called the police.

Emergency services responded en masse. Negotiators tried to talk the man out of the flat. An arrest team, equipped with a chainsaw, a battering ram, shields and guns entered the flat. Several hours later the man left the flat with the arrest team.

Due to his depression and personal circumstances, the man is considered less accountable. The Public Prosecutor admitted that the government may be failing in this kind of tragedy, but believes that the suspect is still responsible for the explosion risk in his apartment. The Prosecutor demanded a 2 year prison sentence against the man, one of which conditionally suspended.

The court will rule on this case on July 28th.