39 arrested in Holwerd drug check

The police arrested a total of 39 people, most of them young people, in Holwerd, Friesland this weekend for trying to travel to Ameland with drugs. 

The police performed a large-scale drug check, using a number of drug sniffing dogs, on all holiday goers before they were allowed to board the boat to Ameland on Friday and Saturday. They also checked all cars that were to be transported to the island on a ferry. In this way the police want to prevent problems on the Wadden islands caused by young people using drugs.

In a number of cases the arrested people had the allowed user amounts on their persons. But there were also some who tried to travel with way more than the allowed cannabis, or hard drugs suchs as cocaine and speed. One of these was an underage German boy.

All drugs and two knives were confiscated. The arrested suspects were given a fine, which they had to pay immediately.