Mayors get more power to fight football hooligans

The Eerste Kamer, Senate, has passed a legislative proposal by Minister Ard van der Steur of Security in Justice that will give mayors more power to fight football hooligans. Mayors will be able to impose a longer area ban, reporting order or group ban on people who cause a serious disturbance of public order, even if it is their first offense.

This measure forms part of an intensified approach to prevent disturbances around football matches. The legislative amendment takes effect today.

Mayors can now extend an area ban, reporting order or group ban around a home match to also include away games on the condition that there is a serious risk that the hooligan will go to the away game and intends to cause a disturbance.

Mayors also now have the opportunity to "strengthen" area bans imposed by the KNVB or other football club with a reporting order. This is on the condition that they have a serious fear that public order will be disturbed.

Area bans, reporting orders and group bans can also now be imposed for a period of 90 days spread out within 2 years. This means that the area ban can be scheduled in line with the football match schedule, keeping a hooligan away from the arena for an entire season. Previously these bans could only be imposed for three consecutive months.


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