Child sex ring broken up, 7 exploited teens rescued

The Public Prosecutor has been busy with a large scale investigation into child prostitution, human trafficking and sexual exploitation of children centered around a 41 year old man from Rijen for months. The suspect will appear in court later this month.

The Public Prosecutor made this announcement on Tuesday. The 41 year old man has been in custody since November 4th. He is suspected of human trafficking and sexually abusing and exploiting 7 young women, including five underage girls between the ages of 14 and 17 years.

According to the Public Prosecutor, the man incited four of the underage girls into prostitution. He also made pornographic videos of the girls performing sexual acts.

This investigation started in October 2013 after the police in Schijndel received a report of a suspicious situation. Two parked cars were spotted and a young girl was seen getting out of one car and into the other car with a man. When the police went to investigate, the car sped away.

Investigation revealed that the girl was only 15 years old. The investigation into the driver of the car led to the 41 year old man from Rijen and brought him forward as a suspect.

According to the Prosecutor, the man deceived young girls by pretending to be a woman while chatting with them on chat sites. He told them that they could earn a lot of money by working as a model or having sex for a friend of his. They had to have sex with the suspect before they could work for him. The man also used pornographic pictures to advertise the girls on websites.

The Prosecutor believes that the man made appointments with customers and accompanied the girls to the appointments. The appointments often took place in the customers' cars. Occasionally the man rented a house where the women could have sex with clients. The man controlled the finances and only gave some of the money to the girls.

The 41 year old man's case is set to appear in the court on July 19th.

The Public Prosecutor in Oost-Brabant will also be prosecuting four of the customers for having sex with an underage girl. Another man will be prosecuted for making his house available for illegal prostitution.