Police "sympathize" with dead arrestee's family

The police in the Hague sympathize with Mitch Henriquez' family and friends after he died in police custody on Sunday. "I understand their grief and anger and their call for an independent investigation", Paul Entken, deputy chief of the Police Unit The Hague, said in a statement.

According to Entken, in this type of situation it is "customary and fitting" that there is a critical and independent investigation into the events leading up to the victim's death, including the actions of the police officers involved.

"There are many questions that need answering. Obviously we will cooperate fully with this investigation. It is important for everyone involved that this investigation is done swiftly, objectively and thoroughly."

The investigation team of the Rijksrecherche, the State Investigations Department which handles internal investigations, are still looking for people who witnessed or filmed the arrest.