National Heath Plan in effect from Tuesday

The National Heat Plan will be in effect from Tuesday due to the high temperatures expected for the rest of the week, the National Institute for Public Health and Environment, RIVM, announced on Monday, the Volkskrant reports.

The National Heat Plan is designed to inform vulnerable groups and their caregivers of the dangers of the high heat and to advise them on how best to protect themselves. The plan is triggered when maximum temperatures of 27 degrees and higher are expected for at least 4 days in a row.

Among other things, the plan advises people to drink plenty of water, wear light clothing, avoid exertion during the warmest part of the day and stay in the shade. The complete plan can be downloaded on the RIVM's website.

The plan was designed in 2007 after the extreme heat in July 2006. During that time an average of 1 thousand more people died than is normal for July. The last time the plan was in effect was in July last year.